Shipping & Returns

S H I P P I N G  

For stickers only: 

For domestic and international orders, stickers and notepads will be sent via Aus Post standard non-tracking pathway using stamps to keep cost low. However there is an express option for domestic orders, but the same can't be said about international orders. Stickers and notepads will be mailed in padded polymailer or sturdy Kraft envelope, until it safely arrives to you! 

For non-sticker/paper items: 

Due to Aus Post's new law, Items specifically keychains and pins are not allowed to be mailed as a letter but instead as a parcel. For the same reason, if you are not from Australia and are looking to get the keychains the shipping prices alone may be steep! 


E S T I M A T E D - S H I P P I N G - T I M E S 

- Domestic orders shipping time is around: 3-8 business days 

- International shipping time can vary between 2 weeks to 4 weeks. 

Unfortunately I wont be able to take responsibility or control over the post office, lost mails or delays that may arise. But if this does happen to you please reach out to me if you have concerns about your parcel not receiving within the month! 

R E T U R N 

I will not be accepting any returns and exchanges, but again please do reach out if you have any questions about your order, I would be happy to have a chat! <3